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Here at Cigar Buyer, we're knowledgeable connoisseurs committed to fine tobacco products. We carry an ever increasing inventory of cigars, tobacco and accessories to assist you in choosing a brand that's right for you.

With our vast selection, and ever growing inventories, and accessories, your shopping experience will be as refreshing as our products.

We offer a diverse choice of excellent cigars featuring a complete line of most prominent brands that we specially select from all over the world.

A full range of high-quality Cigars, chosen for you

One of the key differences between Cigar Buyer and most other cigar houses and tobacco shops is that we make a point of honor in delivering the best high-quality products. That means you won't ever have a bad cigar in your hands. Every brand is tested and analyzed by our panel of judges.

Testing Cigars

What Cigar For The Night?

For late evening smoking I chose this heavy cigar from the Perdomo range... It is a combination of American cover with tobacco from three different regions of Nicaragua - Estela, Condega and Jalapa. Absolutely delightful.

To drink with: Sailor Jerry delicious Rhum

Late Night Smoke


Size: 5,5 "x 54
Smoking time: 1h12min.
Wrapper: Broadleaf Maduro
Country: Nicaragua
Smoke time: Late night, home

Price: 7-10£

Rate: 5 stars

3 Cigars For Beginners

Guillermo Leon Signature

Minutos - The Small Format

Minutos is a tiny cigar that is supposed to provide 15-20 minutes of good smoking. As for the Guillermo Leon brand itself, it is unusual to use a double binding - Corojo for power and Cameroon for sweets. 

The appearance of this cigar does not repel or captivate. Oh, so ordinary. The wrapper fragrant with nuts and cedar has quite a few lines on it. Besides, there is nothing to pick on. It is rolled up almost perfectly, as befits the La Aurora factory.

I associate the ring with shiny chrome cars from the 1930s. I like it very much.

After opening with V-cut the string turns out to be perfect. You can feel the taste of wood and delicate pepper dry.

Price: n/a

Rate: 3 stars

St. Dupond Reserva

Black Line Special

There were already several such cigars. Not looking, rather simple, and after firing - total departure. I predict that this cigar belongs to this particular drawer. Because it is really inconspicuous. Apparently everything is right - compact design, simple, elegant ring, nicely applied cap... But something is missing. Some claw, accent... I will mention one larger fishing line (I cling to it). Maybe the coat is too rough? Or a ring too bright and inconspicuous? I'm curious. If one of you falls into your hands someday, I'd love to find out what you think about his appearance. St. Mark I always associated Dupont with great inks for fountain pens. And to make it funny, the smell of this cigar goes well with my association. It smells ... rustic. I am an old wardrobe in a dark study, with long unopened books. There's wood here, a lot of rough sweetness ... a little honey.

Price: 4,10£

Rate: 4 stars

Alec Bradley

American Classic Blend

Today my taste buds will meet with Alec Bradley Classic Blend. Our meeting was arranged by Cigar World, for which I thank you very much. With "American Classic" in the name, you can't expect a wrapper other than Connecticut. It has a freshly tanned skin texture and, in my eye, the color is more similar to Habano than Connecticut Shade. He also doesn't lack fishing lines. The ring is nicely printed and detailed, although not lavish. Nothing unusual, American Classic Blend is one of the budget lines of Alec Bradlya. The cigar is rolled up very carefully, not to say perfectly. As before, this is the rule for cigars of this brand. The overall impression is quite raw, rough cigar. However, this does not deprive him of a specific charm. The cover smells of earth and cedar. 

Price: 3,30£

Rate: 5 stars


Maybe it's like becoming one with the cigar. You lose yourself in it; everything fades away: your worries, your problems, your thoughts. They fade into the smoke, and the cigar and you are at peace.

- Raul Julia

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